Go Training Pty Ltd has paved the way to create a new evolution of course training by delivering professional and high quality training for all students attending any training courses. With the success of existing companies, Go Traffic and Bellarine Trees, Go Training was born to enhance the way workplace training and assessment is delivered throughout the Geelong and Western Victoria.

Go Training Pty Ltd has access to some of the best training professionals to date with between 280 -300 people already currently employed by Go Traffic and Bellarine Trees combined. This enables for Go Training Pty Ltd to offer a more diverse range of solutions and training methods which bring real world experience to any current work environment and training class. Our highly experienced, accredited and fully trained personnel will provide students with a hands-on approach in real working environments to help students understand the concepts they’re attempting to learn.

Along with a large diversity of courses available, we provide students with a fully equipped classroom environment that offers all the basic amenities to ensure optimal learning and concentration for skill training and assessment. We believe in providing the best of the best when training our students, and that’s why we collaborate with staff and partners who are fully experienced and professionals in their respective fields to bring more credibility and knowledge to each individual course for maximum impact and learning ability.

Go Training Pty Ltd is continuing to push forward into the future to deliver more courses and partner with more professionals to offer students some of the best course delivery methods, training and assessment available. Our commitment is to our students and our team, and know that without our hard working team we couldn’t deliver the quality we do today.

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