To work in the construction industry there are many rules and regulations to follow. Completing and obtaining your whitecard is one such mandatory guideline that needs to be met in order to gain entrance into a job in the construction industry.

At Go Training Pty Ltd we understand the need for a whitecard and that’s why we offer our fully accredited whitecard course which enables for applicants to learn the skills necessary to carry out safe work practices under OHS requirements in off and on-site construction workplace applications.

Our course has the ability to teach you the requirements and skills to perform work in a safe manner through risk awareness and work requirements, along with planning and performing work practices safely with concern for those around you and yourself. Learning OHS fundamentals are necessary to undertake tasks at work within any sector in the construction industry. This includes complying with legislated work practices in a safe manner and identifying hazardous materials.

In completing our whitecard course you will:

  • Identify hazards in the work area and identify safety risks to personnel in the vicinity.
  • Be able to assess safe work practices, safe work instructions and duty of care for controlling risks.
  • Record any hazard, incident or accident reports in accordance with OHS workplace procedures and legislations.
  • Take measures for controlling risks and hazards on a construction site immediately and effectively.
  • Identify hazardous-containing materials and report this to designated personnel.
  • Plan and prepare safe work practices.
  • Apply practices to ensure personal protective equipment and clothing is identified and used correctly for the appropriate construction work being completed. This includes making sure clothing is fitted correctly and stored correctly.
  • Ensure required barricades and signage is erected in appropriate locations.
  • All tasks are carried out in a safe manner for safety of the workers involved.
  • Proper guards are used for plant and equipment operation in accordance with worksite regulations, Australian standards, and manufacturer specifications.


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